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October Flood is Here!

Flood is called Fifth Season by local village people of Soomaa National Park as floods occur here every year, and can overlap with all usual

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VIDEO: 31. of january

Drone video of flooding in Soomaa national park filmed by Kristjan Lust / Blizzardfoto , 31. of January 2016.     See photo stream of Kristjan on

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Fifth Season 2014

Fifth season in Soomaa, low and quick #flood this year @visitestonia @EUWilderness @wifsten @catherinemack more on FB pic.twitter.com/QceSSuzCML — Aivar Ruukel (@Ruukel) March 27, 2014

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4 metres

Water level in flooded Soomaa national park rised last day yesterday, and according to measurments of Riisa hydrological station reached 4 metres and 1 millimeter

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The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas