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Activities in Soomaa national park


We offer to you nature experiences and various activities in Soomaa National Park year around through five seasons.

The best way to get acquainted with Soomaa is to take a canoe trip. There are five seasons in Soomaa – spring, summer, autumn, winter and high-water season. Canoeing on the flooded area is an adventurous experience, floods are common in the end of March or at the beginning of April, but can also happen in autumn, summer and winter when it rains a lot. 

Bog walking on wooden trails give visitors the opportunity to observe the special flora and fauna of ancient peat bogs. More adventurous way of exploring bog landscapes is activity called bog shoeing. Bogshoes are special footwear used by Estonians for making hay or picking berries on the peatlands.

Berry-picking and mushrooming are popular traditions in Estonia. Season for mushroom hunting, cooking together with locals and tasting variety of wild food products, is best in late summer and autumn.

In winter, when the whole wetland is frozen, we organize snowshoe tours over the frozen bogs. When Soomaa becomes covered by ice is the time for kick- sparking – a traditional winter activity.

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