Toukeratta matkad Soomaal

Kick-bike Trips

Kick Bike Trips are lot of fun! We invite you to the Ruunaraipe dunes in the eastern edge of Soomaa national park. Here was the coast of Baltic Ice lake ten thousand years ago. The dunes, which are located in the estuarine area of the Raudna valley between Soomaa and  Sakala Upland, were formed when Soomaa area was still under water. 
Our guide Algis will teach you the echniques of kickbiking and take you to 2 hours trip on small forest roads.

Kickbike trips are also suitable for families with children.

 Information and reservation on the phone
Aivar +3725061896 (Whatsapp) or
Algis +3725147572 or by

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas