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Canoe Trips through Flooded Landscapes

The water level in rivers of Soomaa is really high and because of heavy rains it keeps rising.
Some parts of Soomaa national park are now flooded. Flooded are some meadows and some riverside forests as well. Local people call this time of the year “Fifth Season”.

Canoe trips in flooded forests
Canoe trips in flooded forests

We welcome you to come and experience the Fifth Season! Actually EVERY day now during flood season you are operating canoe trips on the flooded landscape.

The forest route that you see in the video above is ca 2 hours canoeing, 6 kilometers, it is partly very narrow stream through swampy meadows, partly through nice floodplain forests.
We also can recommend longer trip routes, 3-4 hours, or also 5-6 hours.

Hope to meet in Soomaa!

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas