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Soomaa veebruaris

Raw Nature

We organize guided day trips during five yearly seasons in Soomaa National Park.

Living with the flowing water has introduced its own way of life. People get used to much, especially to regular phenomena, which occur without failing each year. Flooding is like this.

Local people were prepared for the floods and were expecting them like a visit of a rich relative. When the feet splashed water while getting up in the morning, the saying went “Hey! Our guest has arrived!”

Canoeing trips

Night Safaris

Day In Wilderness

Perfect first time canoeing experience
We spent a lovely day canoeing and walking in the park. It was our first time canoeing and had perfect conditions for it: a calm river, beautiful views, a hiking break…


Evening beaver safari canoo
The river is very beautiful in the evening! Our guide was friendly and told us some things about the beavers in the area. When passing through the forest we (of course) were silent. It was exiting looking for traces of beavers..... we saw one eventually (from a distance). The whole trip lasted about three hours. We hoped to see more beavers (and maybe more up close) but understand that wild animals can be elusive....which is also the charm. The price is a little high, but we are glad we made the trip!


Not to miss if travelling to Estonia
Great experience ! The park through the river is beautiful, very calm and absolutely safe even to do alone ! Very recommended, one of the highlights of my trip to Estonia.


The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas