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Soomaa Case Study on Wetland Tourism

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2012 is the year of tourism and wetlands for Ramsar.

The Ramsar Convention Secretariat and UNWTO are working on a publication that highlights the considerable value of wetlands for tourism and the economic benefits that tourism can bring for the management of wetland sites that will be launched at COP11 in July 2012. For this publication, 14 case studies on tourism in wetlands, 13 of which are Ramsar Sites, have been selected to cover different wetland types around the world and to examine the diversity in the scale of tourism, the management processes in place, the many challenges encountered and, wherever possible, the management solutions employed.

Congratulations Soomaa!

Information about a Ramsar Case Study of Soomaa on Tourism and Wetlands provided by Agu Leivits, Anneli Roosalu, and Murel Merivee, Environmental Board, Estonia. Photos: Mati Kose.


14 case studies on Wetland Tourism

Draft Resolution on Tourism and wetlands

Soomaa case study in French

Soomaa case study in English

Soomaa case study in English, PDF format


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