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The Dugout Boat in Soomaa, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

The epic landscapes of Estonia’s untouched wilderness, require an extra season to explore their wonders.

The fifth season marks the floods of Soomaa, – a word that tranlates as the ‘land of bogs’.

Lose yourself in a slow, immersive journey through there oft wild places, all of which are best explored in a traditional Dugout Boat, built and used in this magical countryside for centuries. 

The unique boat is hollowed out from a single tree, usually aspen, with expanded sides and a shallow base.

The rare art of boat-makingis kept alive through a few named master practitioners who transmit their exclusive knowledge through traditional apprenticeships.

Take the time to connect with the locals and admire the craftmanship in their construction. With not a soul in sight but that of the wildlife, paddle to the beat of birdsong whilst trying to catch the wiley and illusive fish. 

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