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Collaboration with Wild Taiga, Finland

2 weeks ago I was visiting Wild Taiga – an exiting wilderness travel destination in Finland. It was a great study trip!

Here is how mr. Tuomo Tahvanainen, Director at Kainuun Etu Ltd. reports:

In the end of this past August the region of Kainuu, Finland (in which the destination of EDEN Wild Taiga is located) invited Mr Aivar Ruukel, a nature tourism entrepreneur, guide and ecotourism enthusiast from Soomaa, Estonia, to visit Kainuu, and give a keynote speech at our Nature Tourism seminar. We took advantage of the opportunity and introduced some of our main attractions and nature tourism entrepreneurs to Mr Ruukel. The visit was a success. It was an excellent experience for our developers and entrepreneurs to exchange views, experiences and best practices with a colleague utilizing the EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence) network. This exchange of experiences within EDEN destinations gives a unique opportunity to promote less known regions. The large European network and especially the good relationship between people involved with this EDEN network, enables the innovation of new project ideas and the activation of joint activities. The EDEN project promotes sustainable development models across the European Union. It is based on annual competitions resulting in a selection of tourism destinations – the destinations of excellence.

Terveisin / regards

Tuomo Tahvanainen, johtaja / Director
Matkailu, luovat alat, elintarviketeollisuus / Tourism, Creative Industry, Food Industry
Kainuun Etu Oy Ltd.


Below are slides of my presentation as well as some pictures of this wonderful place in Finland and its great people!


The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas