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Canoeing Trips in the Forest

The time of early spring floods is known as the fifth season in the Riisa Village in Soomaa. There isn’t enough room in the river basins of the Rivers Halliste, Raudna and their tributaries for the water from the melting snow and so it floods the floodplain meadows and even the floodplain forests. This is an interesting time, the beginning of the water hiking season when you can go about canoeing in the forest. The biggest floods are late March and early April.

We organise regular canoeing trips every day in the forests, meadows and rivers of Soomaa during the flood period. You can join the guided group at a certain time every day.  In 2012 season starts on Saturday 24th of March.


Aivar Karuskose metsas


Canoeing in the Flooded Forest

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas